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Adult Services


The Adult and Older Adult Outpatient clinics provide a wide array of services at their outpatient clinics located in the cities of Calexico, El Centro, Brawley and Winterhaven. Individuals are screened and assessed to identify their mental health needs, strengths, and recovery goals. Depending on the individual's needs, they may receive one or more of the following specialty mental health services: Mental Health Rehabilitation Services, Therapy, Crisis Interventions, and Targeted Case Management. Eligible adult and older adult clients may also be referred to receive other specialized services to address other high risk needs or support their mental health treatment such as Full Service Partnership or Wellness Center services under Mental Health Services Act.

MHSA FSP Programs

El Centro - 2695 S. 4th Street, Suite B - (442) 265-7600

Calexico - 1501 W. Imperial Avenue - (442) 265-6340

Brawley - 229 Main Street - (442) 265-5110

Anxiety and Depression Clinics

El Centro - 313 S. Waterman Avenue - (442) 265-7300

Calexico - 1501 W. Imperial Avenue - (442) 265-6340

Brawley - 229 Main Street - (442) 265-5060

Wellness Centers

El Centro - 2695 S. 4th Street, Suite C - (442) 265-7630

Brawley - 220 Main Street - (442) 265-5043

San Pasqual Clinic

Winterhaven- 676 Baseline Rd, Bldg. 306 (442) 265-7291

Adult MHSA FSP Programs

Adult and Older Adult Services Full Service Partnership Program - The Adult and Older Adult Services Full Service Partnership (Adult-FSP) Program provides services and supports to severely mental ill adults and older adults, ages 26 and older. Services available to Adult-FSP Program clients include case management; rehabilitative services; "wrap-like" services; integrated community mental health services; substance use disorder services; crisis response; and peer support. The Adult-FSP Program provides linkage to the following: emergency shelter; permanent housing; emergency clothing; food assistance; SSI/SSA benefits application and/or rehabilitation referral; referrals to general physician and/or dentist; driver's license/ID application; and/or immigration paperwork. Delivery of needed supports and services are provided in the home for older adults who are homebound, do not have transportation, or are unable to access public transportation.

Adult El Centro MHSA FSP

2695 S. 4th Street, Suite B

El Centro, CA 92243

(442) 265-7600

Adult Calexico MHSA FSP

1501 W. Imperial Avenue

Calexico, CA 92231

(442) 265-6340

Adult Brawley MHSA FSP

229 Main Street

Brawley, CA 92227

(442) 265-5110

San Pasqual - Family Resource Center

676 Baseline Rd. Building 306

Winterhaven, CA 92283

(442) 265-7291

Adult Anxiety & Depression Clinics

Adult and Older Adult Services Anxiety and Depression Clinics - Anxiety and Depression, clients are provided with specialized therapy models that address Depression, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. They are also provided with supportive services through mental health services to help support their progress with treatment to help ameliorate impairments.

Adult El Centro Anxiety and Depression

313 S. Waterman Avenue

El Centro, CA 92243

(442) 265-7300

Adult Calexico Anxiety and Depression

1501 W. Imperial Avenue

Calexico, CA 92231

(442) 265-6340

Adult Brawley Anxiety and Depression

229 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Brawley, CA 92227

(442) 265-5060

Wellness Centers

The Wellness Center is a network of consumers whose mission is to implement a wellness program of supportive resource services for adults with a significant and persistent mental health diagnosis. Wellness Centers provide services that focus on social skills, recovery skills, encouragement, wellness, positive self-esteem, and community involvement. The Wellness Center has partnered with outside agencies to offer consumers educational classes and pre-employment, job readiness, and employment training, as well as assist them in obtaining a high school diploma or GED. Consumers also have access to computers and the internet to aid them in completing school assignments (i.e. research homework, and projects).The Wellness Center staff includes a music instructor who provides group and individual voice and instrumental music instruction. Consumers are also offered the opportunity to attend classes on English as a second language, arts and crafts, photography, self-esteem, life skills, cooking, embroidery/sewing, and computers.

MHSA El Centro Wellness Center

2695 S. 4th Street, Suite C

El Centro, CA 92243

(442) 265-7630

MHSA Brawley Wellness Center

205 Main Street

Brawley, CA 92227

(442) 265-5043