Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)

Approval by California voters on January 1, 2005 made the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) a state law. The intention of MHSA is to expand and transform California's mental health service by providing funds to reduce the long-term adverse impact of untreated severe mental illness and serious emotional disturbance. The goal of MHSA programs is to continue to provide services that promote well-being, recovery, and self-help; prevent long term negative impact of severe mental illness; and reduce stigma. Services are culturally competent, easier to access, and more effective in preventing and treating severe mental illness.

Imperial County Behavioral Health Services (ICBHS), through a stakeholder process which includes consumers, family members, and community partners, has developed and implemented various MHSA programs to meet specific needs of Imperial County residents. The local community planning process has developed a variety of MHSA programs and services. To learn more about the MHSA programs and services available in Imperial County, please review the plans linked below.

MHSA Steering Committee Meetings

The MHSA Steering Committee is composed of local stakeholders who are involved at all levels of the MHSA community program planning process.

The MHSA Steering Committee Stakeholders are composed of consumers, family members, and peer supporters as well as representatives from law enforcement, education, veteran organizations, social services, community health agencies, and provider and system partners. The MHSA Steering Committee meets on a quarterly basis to provide input and recommendations to ICBHS regarding the populations to be targeted for services under MHSA funding and address issues and needs identified in the community through evidence-based practices. The committee is informed and directly involved by providing ongoing planning, monitoring, and oversight of the MHSA Program planning, development, and implementation.

Furthermore, adult consumers, transition- age youth consumers, and family members play an active role in the MHSA community planning process. All stakeholder meetings are held via Zoom at this time and we encourage consumer and family member attendance. Interpreter services are also provided to ensure monolingual Spanish speakers are able to fully participate in the community program planning process.

Meeting schedule for 2023:

  1. Steering Committee Meetings 2023
  2. Comite Directivo Del Decreto De Salud Mental 2023